Project Description

The PyPlotSuite project, beside its bright name, aims to provide immediate, easy-to-use, multiplatform, GUI tools to display, analyze and create publication-quality 2D plots of 1D data series, images, 2D arrays (under the GPL licence).

PyPlotSuite is a set of graphical tools to quick visualize and explore/analyze mono-dimensional and bi-dimensional data. The plot created can be saved in a variety of image formats to produce publication quality graphs.

At the moment the project is composed by two little stand alone applications: ImageAnalyzer and Plotfile2 (I know I could have chose better names ;-)).

ImageAnalyzer is focused towards images (or any 2D data, such as float arrays) visualization, analysis, and measurement. Plotfile2 focus is toward simple data series visualization, with the possibility to quick modify many plot characteristics. Both applications can save the result on a multitude of image file formats (png, eps, jpeg, pdf, and more). In future this two application will be more integrated.

PyPlotSuite is written in python, using the GTK gui toolkit (through the python binding pygtk, and using Glade-2 to layout the windows). All plots are created with the great Matplotlib python 2D graphic library. Matplotlib is such a good tool that the PyPlotSuite applications are only tiny wrapper around Matplotlib functionality. Also some Numpy functionality are used both through Matplotlib (which requires Numpy) and both directly.

More information (such as TODOs) on the README file.


0.1-alpha10: Bugfix release

Fixed some small bugs presents in alpha9


New release of PyPlotSuite with a lot of new features and bug-fix especially in ImageAnalyzer. Most notably, a save-file feature and a tool to calculate integrals over an image. Follows the changelog:



Only Plotfile2 changes in this release. Various speed-up and code optimization, and the support for changing also the color for all line-plot elements.

As always testing/hacking is more than welcome.


A new version (0.1-alpha6) of PyPlotSuite is avalilable.

This is the first version of PyPlotSuite released as a single tarball. It includes both ImageAnalyzer and Plotfile2.

A new plot property dialog in Plotfile2 allows to change many plot parameters (line style and width, marker style and size). There's also the GUI for changing the colors of the various plot elements but this functions is not implemented in the underlying code yet.


Since version 0.1-alpha6 PyplotSuite is released as a single tarball containing both ImageAnalyzer and Plotfile2.

You can download the tarballs from SourceForge download page:

The applications should be quite usable, but there are surely bugs (please report if you find some) and missing features.

Your are encouraged to use the program, read the source and hack the code at your own pleasure. Also bug-reports, feature requests and patches are more than welcome.


Currently, I'm the only PyPlotSuite developer. I you want join the team contact me via mail.

The development tree of PyPlotSuite is hosted on a git repository. To download the latest development version just install git and type:

  $ git clone git://

Now you have a complete working version of PyPlotSuite to test/hack on. If git does not work on your OS (I think only windows is affected) look at bazar that is a multiplatform SCM written in python. Bazar has a plugin to read git repository.


Here it is some screenshots of Image Analyzer and Plotfile2, just for whetting your appetite:


Dependencies for PyPlotSuite

  1. Python: a dynamic object-oriented programming language.

  2. Numpy: The fundamental package needed for numerical computing with Python. It is the successor (and unifier) of all the old projects (Numeric and Numarray) for python numerical computing.

  3. SciPy: Many modules that were not specific to Numpy are gathered under the broader project SciPy:

  4. MatPlotLib: A multiplatform 2D plotting library and interactive environment which produces publication quality figures in a variety of hard-copy formats. Matplotlib is written in python.

  5. Python Imaging Library (PIL).

  6. GTK+ a multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces.

  7. PyGTK GTK+ for Python.

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